Top Colors for the 2018 Season

Color. Some people love it and some people recoil at the thought of it. Please, dear readers, do not be afraid of color. You may have to start slow, but I promise you will find your way if you keep at it. Start with these beautiful colors for the 2018 season. You won't be disappointed.

Ultra Violet 

I know it sounds scary, but this Pantone color of the year is anything but. It's striking and reminiscent of royalty. It's strong while still being so soft. When I see this color, I feel the way I would feel if I were touching velvet. Beautiful, soft petal flowers and geodes come in this color. If you can incorporate it into your theme, do.

Sunshine Yellow

This may seem like a bold choice, especially if we are talking about a wedding, but it really can be done in a classic way. Yellow is happy and invigorating! Pair it with lavender for a spring wedding, grey for a baby shower, or lots of green for a Pinteresty summer corporate picnic.

Dusty Rose

The dusty colors are making a huge splash in the event world right now. It's even taken over photography! Really, check it out. Pictures right now are what we call "moody." I love dusty rose, though. It's so delicate. Tons of gorgeous flowers come in that color (not just roses) and it makes a perfect partner for burgundy, slate, navy, or gold.