Everything You Need To Know About Save The Dates

I bet you're saying to yourself "But Brea, I don't see the point. They're going to get invitations."

Yes, they are going to get invitations, but they ALSO need Save the Dates well before they receive an invitation. Save the Dates introduce your wedding to your guests. They are VERY important if you have guests who will be traveling for your wedding. It's courteous to give people traveling long distances for you information early so they can make arrangements.

Still not convinced? That's ok. Here are some common questions people have when deciding on Save the Dates. 

Can’t I just email my guests?
Sending your Save the Date via email is not unheard of these days, but it does have a few disadvantages. The e-invite may not always reach your guests as it could be lost in their spam folder. Some of your guests, like grandparents, may not even use email.

When should they be sent out?
The best time to send out Save the Dates is approximately six to eight months before your big day, especially if it is a destination wedding. Again, the earlier the information gets to your guests, the more time the have to make travel arrangements. I usually recommend working on them as soon as you have solidified the venue and, thus, your date.

What exactly do I include?
The purpose of this invitation is to help your guests plan for your wedding as much as they can. So include date, location, any themes and if you have one, the city your wedding will be held in, and the url to your wedding website if you have one. You should also include whether children are allowed and if they’re permitted a plus-one. If you chose to do engagement photos they can be used as the Save the Date image!

Who should we send it out to?
You should only be sending this out to those you are sure you want to attend your wedding, so finalize your guest list beforehand! Don’t just send it out because you want everyone to know you’re getting married, that’s what Instagram and Facebook is for.

Aren't people just going to throw a post card away?
It's unlikely they will just toss a pretty Save the Date in the trash if they were planning on attending. If you're worried about it, though, a unique way to make sure your invitation doesn’t easily get lost or tossed is to use save the date magnets. These magnets are unique and easy decals ready to serve as a reminder of your wedding date that can go on different surfaces like laptops and fridges.


Do Save the Dates have to be dainty and pretty?
Of course not! It's your wedding. It should reflect your personality. Like comics? Cool, me too! Try your love story as a comic strip. A comic-book-inspired Save the Date can include how you met, relationship milestones and the biggest moment yet, your wedding date. Get creative!