Tea Time

Few things are more adorable than a little girl or boy pretending to pour a teddy bear some tea. They are so tiny and proper, and it's so cute! I took that adorableness as my inspiration for a High Tea decorated table. I love this idea for a child's 4th through 8th birthday party. They are old enough to not throw plates, and young enough to still be dazzled by the colors, patterns, and sweets.

This theme isn't just limited to children. It's fun for adults, too! Just add in mimosas and bellinis and you have a memorable bridal shower or birthday!

Each place setting comes with an hors d'oeuvre plate, tea cup and saucer, water glass, gold flatware, linen napkin, and a rose stem. Each tea set comes with 1 serving stand, large tea pot, creamer pitcher, sugar bowl, and a small floral arrangement. Call or email for rental pricing 408-753-5948 EventsByBrea@gmail.com

Here we would add a variety of finger sandwiches or desserts.

Not Shown: Gold flatware, floral arrangement, sugar bowl, water glass, linen napkin