How To: Greenery Runner

I'm in love with greenery runners. I think they are so elegant and a great addition to a garden or forest wedding. They are also really simple to make!

STEP 1: Gather The Materials

- Any green of your choice
Just make sure it has a lot of branches for fullness

- Floral Pruners
Keep these sharp for cutting through thick branches

- Floral Wire
I used silver here just so you can see where the wire is being placed, but you should use green wire.

- Decorative Flowers
I like roses as they can stay out of water for long periods of time without wilting.

STEP 2: Assemble The Greens

- Lay out your branches how you would like it to actually look.

- Using the floral wire, bind the thickest parts of each branch to each other. Make it tight so they don't slip out when you lift the whole piece.

- Add in extra branches to any bare spots. You don't want to see any of the wire.

STEP 3: Beautify! 

- Add in hearty flowers in your colors to complete the look! But make sure they can handle being out of water. Hydrangea and other very delicate flowers are probably not the way to go.


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