How To: Vintage Cans

I'm obsessed with all things vintage. If it looks like it's from the 50s and earlier, I want it. Here are some really easy steps to make some of my favorite vintage floral containers.

STEP 1: Gather The Materials

- Smooth Rim Cans 
You can buy open cans from Michael's or online. I wouldn't suggest using real food cans as the rim will be sharp and could cut you or injure the flowers you put in them.

- Mod Podge
You will need quite a bit, so get a medium sized bottle.

- Decorative Paper
I love picking out pretty designs from the scrap booking section. The paper should wrap all the way around the can, so make sure to measure! I would also suggest not getting paper that is too thick if you can help it, but if it's too beautiful to pass us, get it!

I use polyurethane spray, but Mod Podge is fine if you aren't planning on getting the outside wet.
STEP 2: Apply The Paper

- Start by measuring out the paper. It should fit the can perfectly longways, but overlap the edges by about 1/4 inch around the circumference so it stays together.

- Take off the paper and cover the outside of the can in Mod Podge. Be pretty generous here.

- Place the paper around the can again with the PRINT SIDE AGAINST THE MOD PODGE. Trust me on this.

- Leave the cans to dry for about an hour.

STEP 3: Rub Off The Backing

- Once dry, take each can and run it under water.

- When the paper starts to become transparent, gently rub the white back of the paper. The backing will start to peel off. Keep rubbing off the white until the image shows through and looks perfectly aged.

- Leave the cans to completely dry.

STEP 4: Seal It

 - Once they are dry, put another layer of Mod Podge on the paper. Let it dry for about an hour.

- If you really want to be sure the paper will stay for a long time to come, spray each can with polyurethane to completely seal everything. Please wear a mask while using polyurethane!

STEP 5: Fill With Flowers!