Gift Ideas for People Who Have Everything

Gift giving is an art. How do you buy for the people who have everything? I have a family member who is the hardest to buy for. If she wants something, she just gets it for herself! I have a few tips for holidays and birthdays that will make your gift giving experience a little bit easier.

The Basket

This is my favorite. Instead of buying one big gift, give them a bunch of small gifts that relate to different aspects of their lives. I like getting a pretty crate or basket (go beyond wicker!) and filling it with essentials. Here is my go-to list!

  1. Something edible: A bottle of wine or nice chocolates.
  2. Something long-term: A seed planting kit or a gift card to a nice restaurant.
  3. Something wearable: I love giving scarves, a chunky necklace, or a well made men's hat.
  4. Something funny: There is a kid in all of us, so add something they can play with!
  5. Something functional: If they like to cook, add in a cooking tool or some unique spices. If they are outdoorsy, add in a personalized compass or well made multi-tool.  
  6. Something interesting: I always go with something techy. Little drones are all the rage right now.
The Experience

This one is tricky, but so worth it for the right person. I can't stress enough that gym memberships are almost never good gifts! Here are some classes that actually do make good gifts.
  1. Short mixology classes
  2. Wilderness skills classes
  3. A stay for 2 at a bed and breakfast
  4. Winery/brewery tour gift certificate 
  5. A day of ziplining or horseback riding