2020 Event Color Report

I'm so excited about this year's color report. I deeply love each of these and they all fall right in my wheelhouse. I am seeing shift these days to a more modern, clean look. These colors are perfect for that. I predict that we are going to see a great use of color this year as people are becoming less afraid to let their style shine. 2020 clients, let's do this!

Classic Blue 

There really is nothing more classic than blue. It's tons of people's favorite color, it's soothing, and it goes with so many other colors. It's classic for a reason. It plays well with light colors like white, gold, silver, and blush, but it also works with darker colors like burgundy, hunter green, and grey. 

Pantone Color of the Year 2020 Classic Blue in Product Design

Burgundy isn't going anywhere my friends, and nor should it. Burgundy is one of my favorite colors. It's warm and cozy and inviting. Pair it with ivory or white to brighten everything up, or pair it with navy blue to get into that deep color territory. Either way, it's magical.


Light grey is happening in a big way right now, but all greys in general are doing well. It's easily the fastest growing color in popularity that I have seen in recent years. Almost every other color goes with it. Just by switching your base color from black to grey, you instantly make the whole look more modern and upscale. I highly recommend.