Ways to Honor Loved Ones on Your Wedding Day

Weddings are such happy occasions it's sometime difficult to navigate the emotions associated with honoring lost loved ones on your day. If you do have someone close to the family who is no longer with us, it is good to do something to show that you thought of them. However, before doing so, make sure you really think about their surviving spouse, their children, or their parents. Sometimes no reminder is what is best, but only you and your partner will be able to figure that out. If you come to the conclusion that you would like to honor them in some way, here are some beautiful ways of doing so.

Photo and Note on the Welcome Table

This is great option for grandparents, aunt or uncles, and close cousins. If they were a big part of your life, or of your parent's lives, it's a good idea to honor them. Make a frame and hang their pictures along with a note about how you wish they were there.

A Patch Stitched to Your Dress or Tux

A patch with a photo or beautiful memory sewn into the dress or tux is a private way of honoring a parent or guardian. I suggest this whenever you may not want everyone to see it, but it still lets them be close to you on your day. 

A Small Bouquet or Single Stem Flower

Place a small bouquet on a chair in the first row for a mother or grandmother to mark where they would be sitting if they were there. A single stem to mark where a father or grandfather is also a good way to show you are thinking of them. You can add a photo to personalize it even more.

Photo in Your Bouquet or Boutonnieres 

If you would rather have a way to walk down the aisle with your loved one and let others also share in remembering, adding a photo to your bouquet or boutonniere is a lovely way of doing that. They don't have to be large photos to make an impact. Just put them in delicate frames and attach them. 

Not everyone who has influenced our lives will be able to be there on our joyous day, but we can include them in other ways. However you decide to honor your family member or friend, just make sure to do it in a way that feels special to you.