Choosing a DJ - 4 Things to Look for During Your Planning

A DJ can make or break most parties. They can either be an asset to your party where they highlight each moment and ensure that the dance floor stays packed, or they can cause you to wince at every cheesy line and have you running around to meet all of their "urgent" needs. Choosing a good DJ is one of the more important parts of any gathering.


This really is key. A DJ should return your calls or answer your emails in a timely manner. This should be true of all of your vendors. If they don't care to take the time to respond, it's unlikely they will care about much else.


A DJ should be more than willing to show you his or her collection of songs, discuss how they typically run a show, how many clients they take on in a week, and tell you about their past experience. If you get a feeling that they aren't telling the full truth, run. Open and honest conversation is a must. Don't feel awkward about asking questions about their abilities.


I can't say this enough, reviews, reviews, reviews. A small number of less than stellar reviews is actually okay as long as it's a SMALL number. They should, for the vast majority of their clients, have been more than satisfactory.


While a recommendation from your friend or family member is good, a recommendation from another vendor is better. We are the ones who work the closest with them and know how they really work under pressure. We will know if a DJ we worked with in the past needed constant saving or direction. If WE did our jobs right, your friend or family member would have never known about it.