A Few of My Favorite Things - 5 Event Decor Musts

♫When the dog bites, when the...♫

Now that I have that stuck in your head (You're welcome.), we can talk about some of my favorite things that help push the event decor over the edge and into professional decorator territory.

Bigger Doesn't Necessarily Mean Better

Intimate spaces and minute details are the name of the game these days and I love it. Never miss an opportunity to add a detail. Here are some Harry Potter themed examples!


Designed Tech 
If you're going to use technology at your party, at least theme it up! This is very old Hollywood, but it could easily be made to look like a Secret Garden mirror, the Mirror of Erised, Alice's looking glass, the mirror from Snow White, the Picture of Dorian Grey...Seriously there are a lot of options.


Zen Zones

Lounges should be highly decorated. A good lounge invites conversation and enhances the look of the party overall. Add those tiny details here and let your guest be surrounded by them. The more interest you add, the more your guests will feel engaged in the party.


Internet Culture
I'm a nerd through and through. Give me Stargate, Buffy, or Battlestar Galactica and I'm happy. I love incorporating internet culture into parties with memes. BTW it's pronounced "Meem" not "Me-Me". It's young and hip...ster and hilarious when people see it.

Consumable Decor

Who doesn't love food amirite? Get creative in how you serve your food as it is a great medium to add extra decor. Rather than serve on a tray, try elevating it with interesting risers or serving it in unexpected vessels.