How To: Tropical Picture Frame

I was so excited to be asked to make this adorable frame for a 17 year old's birthday party. This take on tropical is just so cute, I can't handle it. It was pretty simple to make, and it automatically makes for a great photo prop with friends!

STEP 1: Gather the Materials
There really aren't many materials need for this project, and the ones you will need, aren't expensive.

- A Variety of Silk Tropical Greens and Flowers
- A Large Frame Around 24"x18"
- Hot Glue Gun and Glue
- Wire Cutters
- White Paint
- Gold Paint
- Paint Brushes

STEP 2: Paint the Frame
I got my frame at a second hand store for about $10, so there is really no need to pay too much for a frame. You are going to paint it anyway! I did a coat of white paint and kept it rustic looking by having the brush marks showing. When that was dry, I added some interest with the gold paint. I simply used my fingers to push the paint into the edge. I didn't want the line to be too harsh, so while the paint was still wet, I blended the edges into the white background.

STEP 3: Attach Greens and Silk Flowers
Start with the greens as your base. When building on top of each other, always start with the widest and largest flower or leaf and build around that with progressively smaller and more detailed flowers. Don't be afraid to have the flowers sticking outside or inside the frame!

STEP 4: #Party
It's done! Now grab your bestie and pose!