2017 Wedding Trend Report

Okay, so the 2017 wedding trend lists are out. I must say, I'm super excited. I'm sad to see the rustic wedding go away, but I guess everything has its time.

Here is the rundown.

Old School Glamour: I'm obsessed with mixing the old and new. Industrial settings with delicate rose colored accents and soft-petal floral arrangements. *sigh*
As we come to the end of our month of industrial chic, I couldn’t resist slipping in one last lovely styled shoot with an urban theme, this time courtesy of fabulous SBB Directory member Blue…:

Metallics: Gold, copper, silver, and rose gold are still happening for 2017. Metallics are a great way to jazz up a more toned down color scheme. Use sparingly, but definitely use.
wedding table ideas - photo by Kate Touzel Photography http://ruffledblog.com/modern-metallic-wedding-inspiration:

Amazing Venues: The Bay Area has a ton of interesting venues that aren't hotels. I have a book filled with venues I have personally visited that go beyond a ballroom. Some of my favorites are vineyards and historic homes.
Sequoia Retreat Center - 12 Redwood Wedding Venues in the Bay Area — Tip Top Planning:

So Neutral: A neutral color scheme is anything but boring. It's classic and elegant and you get to look at pictures in 20 years and not be embarrassed. Muted blues, taupe, and charcoal are just some of the rich feeling colors I like incorporating into my designs.
༺♥༻ entertaining ~ fabulous ༺♥༻ **lovely lights via The Bottom of the Ironing Basket:
Eclectic and Whimsical: Who says every wedding has to look the same. Add in a dash of personality with some interesting elements from different aspects of your life together. This day is about you two after all. 
Just in case you hadn’t noticed, backdrops have become all the rage in the wedding world these days. They immediately give character to your event, shaping the aesthetic and setting the scene in one fell swoop. We’ve taken a look around the web for some of our favorite vignettes from weddings just aching to be …:


  1. I am glad you travel to see the venues and report what you see in them; shows your passion and what it can bring to others.


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